5 Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges to Buy and Sell Bitcoins

Do you feel intimidated when you think of investing in cryptocurrencies? Whether you plan to invest in or trade crypto assets, it is natural to be skeptical. There are regular news updates about cryptocurrency scams and exchange hacks, leading to people losing their hard-earned money overnight. However, things are not as they used to be earlier, and now most exchanges have undertaken stringent security measures. Besides security concerns, there are other factors like ease-of-use, user privacy, exchange fees, customer support services, etc that one should look into before choosing an exchange to buy and sell Bitcoins.

5 Top Exchanges To Buy And Sell Bitcoins:

  1. Coinbase: This was launched as the most secure and trustworthy amongst cryptocurrency exchanges and continues to stay ahead of its competitors. It has the status of a US-based financial institution and enjoys FDIC insurance for deposits of $250,000 and less. It has to comply with EU financial regulations. Besides, this crypto exchange also enjoys the backing of many mainstream investors like investment funds and banks. Beginners keen to buy and sell Bitcoins will find Coinbase a good place to start. Its design is simplistic and it trades a limited number of crypto coins but it is popular amongst most crypto trade enthusiasts. Clients of Coinbase are restricted to only those in Europe, North America, and Oceania. The biggest reason to choose Coinbase is its security measures and solid track record. It also supports automated crypto trading applications like other exchanges. Visit https://bitcoinupapp.com/ to know how the automated trading applications work.
  2. CEX.io: This is a fiat-to-cryptocurrency exchange offering many advanced functionalities without being too hard for newcomers to use.  Experienced investors keen to dabble in crypto coins therefore find CEX.io easy to use. Much of the functions are similar to traditional platforms that such investors are used to working with. This crypto exchange facilitates free bank transfers when you have verified accounts; it charges a nominal fee for those that are unverified. Besides, CEX.io is popular because of its advanced trading functions like margin trading. It may trade only in a few crypto assets but all of these are the major coins.
  3. Bitfinex: This is perhaps one of the most advanced crypto-to-crypto and fiat-to-crypto trading platforms. It guarantees high liquidity and impressive trade volumes. It is ideally suited for traders keen to use advanced trading strategies and trade in large volumes. You can enjoy a comprehensive suite of features including margin trading, advanced order types, multiple crypto assets, and fiat currency pairs. It charges low fees and caters to high-value traders; when trade value goes up, their fees get reduced. It is a popular crypto trading platform in Asia.
  4. Binance: Founded by a Chinese developer this exchange has emerged into a go-to platform for coin-to-coin trades and large trade volumes. Check the bitcoin rush erfahrungen to learn how much volume of trade is generated through automated trading. Today, many advanced new features have been added to it and traders can engage in derivatives trading and margin trading. This is however an exclusive cryptocurrency exchange and does not handle fiat currency.
  5. Kraken: This is one of the earliest and biggest exchanges, one of the most trusted too. You can trade both fiat and cryptocurrencies in Kraken and it offers more trading pairs than its rivals. It also provides advanced features like OTC, margin trading, and futures. It is both user-friendly for newcomers and investors looking for advanced functionalities. It charges nominal fees that are further reduced when volume of trade increases.